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HamidREza Hesaraki


Dear members, Dear friends,

Asian Savate(French boxing) confederation is established with the help and support of Mr.Gilles Lu DUIGOU, the president of international federation, based on truth, honesty and cooperation of all the Asian members. The main purpose of our activities is to develope friendship through Savate.

I believe Asian Savate confederation belongs to all of the Asian countries in south, east, south east and different parts of this continent. All of us are responsible for the activities of Savate in Asia and the sense of responsibility is the key factor of our success in all of the next steps.

Hereby, I congratulate the birth of Asian Savate confederation, again.I hope to meet all of you esteemed members in world & Asian championships and differenent Savate activities all over the world!

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Asian Savate confederation logo


Chapter 1: Name and Objectives

Article1: Name

1.1 The name of the confederation is: Asian Savate confederation(ASC). Its headquarters is located in Tehran-Iran. Any other country and city of Asia with the decision of executive committee members can be the headquarter of ASC.

Article2: Objectives

The objectives of the Asian Savate(French boxing) confederation are:
2.1 To promote and encourage the development of Savate in all possible manifestations through out Asia.
2.2 To organize and approve Asian competitions and activities such as: coaching, refereeing and technical seminars in different countries of Asia.
2.3 To promote cooperation, friendly relations and mutual understanding among its Members
2.4 To initially promote, popularize Savate and improve the health of the people in Asia.
2.5 To recognize national members of Savate.

Article 3: Languages

The official language of the Asian Savate confederation is English. Any other languages may be used at meetings providing that adequate translations are provided.


Chapter 2: Membership

Article 4: Membership Eligibility

4.1 Each continental Savate federation, association, union, organization or institute shall automatically become the continental member of the international Savate federation(FISav). Each continental Savate member will be the sole responsible organ for organizing and managing Savate activities in its country.
4.2 Savate federation, association, union, organization or institute of all nations or regions of Asia may apply to join in the Asian Savate confederation and become its official member.
4.3 Asian Savate confederation will accept only one member from each country or region. Each member shall be the sole national Savate administrative governing body in that country.
4.4 The executive committee of Asian Savate confederation has the power to terminate the membership of a member in the case of any violation of ASC constitution. Such a change of membership will be ratified at the next Asian Savate confederation congress.
4.5 Following international Olympic committee(IOC) prism, as every world, international, continental and national governing body of sport must be and considered as a non governmental organization(NGO) and it is obligatory to have and act based on autonomy, the same rule is valid for all Savate members of ASC.
Election or changing of any national president of Savate federation, association, union, organization or institute as official member of ASC and FISav is possible only through its general or extra ordinary assembly vote or decision. Interference of governmemnt, ministry of sport, NOC or any other organization( in its general meaning) in the affairs of any official member of Savate governing body for example: deposing a national member federation ,association, union, organization or institute president and appointment a new president is not permissible and means jeopardizing the autonomy. it won't be tolerated by Asian Savate confederation(ASC).
In possible cases, ASC will recognize the former president and the new president will not be recognized by Asian Savate confederation.
4.6 Each Savate governing body member of ASC must be necessarily independent and autonomous and not joine and work as subclass with other federations or associations of martial arts. Joining or working as subclass with other foot & fist martial arts federations or any other organization is not acceptable by ASC and will be considered as violation from the approved constitution of ASC. Interaction with these federations or organizations in the case of preserving independence is permissible.
4.7 In the case of any violation of chapter 2 principles, Asian Savate confederation executive committee has the right to have necessary desicions and measures such as: suspention the membership of the national governing body member.

Article 5: Induction Formalities

5.1 Each Asian Savate federation, association, union, organization or institute shall submit to the Asian Savate confederation secretariat the following documents when applying for membership:
5.1.1 Application in written form.
5.1.2 Completed questionnaire.
5.1.3 Its national constitution in English.
5.1.4 A report on Savate activities carried on at least in the previous year.
5.1.5 An admission fee of two hundred US Dollars (US$200).
5.2 Asian Savate confederation secretariat shall submit the application packets to the executive committee for approval. Once an application is approved by the executive committee, the applicant federation will become an official member of the Asian Savate confederation(ASC).

Article 6: Rights of Members

6.1 To be recognized as the only Savate governing body of the relevant nation or region.
6.2 The right to vote, elect and be elected as stipulated by the constitution.
6.3 To apply to host Asian Savate competitions and activities organized or approved by Asian Savate confederation.
6.4 To apply to host the Asian technical, refereeing, judging and coacheing courses organized by Asian Savate confederation.
6.5 To participate in Asian, world and international competitions and activities organized or approved by International Savate federation(FISav) and/or Asian Savate confederation(ASC).
6.6 To send personnel to take part in the international technical, refereeing, judging and coaching courses organized by FISav and to obtain the relevant qualifications.
6.7 To recommend international referees and judges of its nation or region to officiate at the competitions and activities organized and approved by FISav and/or ASC.
6.8 To organize national or regional Savate competitions adopting FISav and/or ASC Rules.
6.9 To organize national or regional technical, refereeing, judging and coaching courses in accordance with FISav and/or ASC rules and teaching materials.

Article 7: Duties of Members

7.1 To respect the Olympic prism of the International Olympic committee and spirit of the Olympism.
7.2 To support Asian Savate confederation and FISav in their efforts to achieve their objectives.
7.3 To observe Fisav and Asian Savate confederation constitutions and rules and ensure that constitutions and rules of the members do not conflict with those of the FISav and ASC.
7.4 To recognize FISav as the only Savate governing body in the world and Asian Savate confederation(ASC) as the only Savate governing body in Asia and not participating in or support other international & Asian Savate organizations or take part in their activities.
7.5 To implement the resolutions of the Asian Savate confederation executive committee and congress.
7.6 To implement the resolutions of the International Olympic Committee and world Anti-Doping agency(WADA).
7.7 To pay the annual membership fee in time.

Article 8: Membership Fee

8.1 The annual membership fee of each Member is two hundred US Dollars (US$200).
8.2 It is obligatory for members to pay the membership fee to the Asian Savate confederation before March 31st of each year. The benefits of membership may be suspended if a member does not pay its membership fee when it is due.
8.3 The new members shall pay the membership fee of the year within 30 days of its becoming members approved by the executive committee.

Article 9: Dismissal, Withdrawal and Suspension of Membership

9.1 If a member country of Asian Savate confederation refuses to comply with the constitution or severely jeopardizes the fame and interests of the Asian Savate confederation, the executive committee may propose to expel the concerned member. Its membership shall be expelled upon approval by more than two-thirds votes from the delegates of the next Asian congress.
9.2 The following circumstances shall be considered a voluntary withdrawal from ASC membership:
9.2.1 If the member no longer exists.
9.2.2 If a member fails to pay its membership fee for two consecutive years.
9.3 If the withdrawn member wishes to resume its affiliation and there is no new member of its nation or region, it shall pay twice the admission fee along with any past due membership fee during its period of absence.


Chapter 3: International competitions and activities

Article 10: Types of competitions and activities

10.1 The following competitions are hosted by the Asian Savate confederation and organized by the members. The competition rules stipulated by the FISav, shall be adopted in the competitions. Every Member shall send only one team for participation.
10.1.1 The Asian Savate Championships (including assaut and combat) shall be held once every two years.
10.1.2 Asian junior Savate championships.
10.2 Any other Asian Savate competitions and activities approved by the Asian Savate confederation executive committee.

Article 11: Rules Relating to Eligibility for Participation

11.1 In the course of the championships, the flag, national anthem and logo of each participating team shall be used in accordance with the resolutions of the international Olympic committee(IOC).
11.2 The technical committee shall deal with all disputes relating to the athlete's eligibility for participation and report to the executive committee for the final decision.

Article 12: Applying to Host Competitions and Activities

12.1 The candidate members applying to host Asian Savate competitions and activities should observe all the relevant FISav regulations and what is described in Article 10. submit all the bidding documents and fulfill obligations stated in the bidding documents.
12.2 Bidding documents for hosting the Asian Savate championships shall be mailed to the secretariat six months prior to the convening of the coming congress.
12.3 The bidding documents shall include the following but not limited to:
12.3.1 Name of the host city Profile of the city (population, size and characteristics) Detailed local maps showing the location of competition area, hotels and airports
12.3.2 Venue for competition and training
12.3.3 Letter of support from the national Olympic committee.
12.4 A delegate of the member applying to host the championships shall make a detailed report at the congress.
12.5 ASC president can appoint representative(s) to make an inspection of the candidate cities. The representatives shall submit a report to the congress.

Article 13: The Organization of Competitions and Activities

13.1 The competitions and activities organized or approved by Asian Savate confederation(ASC) shall be conducted under the guidance and supervision of the executive committee.
13.2 The member, hosting the competition and activity shall be responsible for relevant organizing work.
13.3 The technical committee of Asia shall be responsible for technical matters of the competitions.


Chapter 4: Organizational Structure

Article 14: Organizational Structure

The following entities are established to govern and administer the Asian Savate confederation:
14.1 Congress
14.2 Ececutive committee(director boards)
14.3 Technical commission
14.4 Coaching & Education commission
14.5 Medicine & Anti doping commission
14.6 Marketing & Development commission
14.7 Refereeing commission
14.8 Student’s commission
14.9 Women commission
14.10 Legal & Disciplinary commission
14.11 Media commission
14.12 Sports(competition) commission
14.13 Any other necessary commission(s) by suggestiion of prersident and approval of executive committee

Article 15: Congress

15.1 The Congress is the highest authority of the Asian Savate confederation and shall have the power to decide any matters concerning the Asian Savate confederation.
15.2 The congress shall be convened every two years. Generally in conjunction with the Asian Savate Championships. An extraordinary congress may be convened upon the initiative of one third of the Members. The secretary general shall inform all members the date and place no later than six months prior to the convening of the congress.
15.3 Each member may send only one delegate to attend the congress. Each member shall have one vote. The proxy vote is not accepted.
15.4 The proposals on the modification of the constitution and the competition rules submitted by members shall be sent to the secretariat six months prior to the convening of the congress. Having compiled the proposals, the secretariat shall send the constitution (draft) two months prior to the convening of the congress to the executive committee for review. The secretariat shall make reviewed drafts available to all the members one month prior to the convening of the congress.
15.5 The president of the Asian Savate confederation shall preside over the congress. In the case of absence of the president, he/she shall appoint the Vice-President to chair the congress.
15.6 The quorum required for a congress is half of the total membership plus one. A resolution shall be approved by a simple majority of the members present at the congress. The amendment of the constitution and dissolution of the Asian Savate confederation shall be made by votes of a two-third majority of the members present at the congress.
15.7 The documents of the congress shall be prepared by the secretariat. The agenda of the congress shall include the following items:
15.8.1 Roll call and announcement of the quorum
15.8.2 Approval of the minutes of the last Congress
15.8.3 Report on the work of the Asian Savate confederation by the secretary General on behalf of the executive committee
15.8.4 Financial report by the treasurer
15.8.5 Admission, withdrawal and expulsion of membership
15.8.6 Approval of the amendment on the constitution and competition rules
15.8.7 Election of the leading organ (once every four years)
15.8.8 Examination and approval of the budget and financial report
15.8.9 Date and place of the next championships and congress
15.8.10 Other matters

Article 16: Executive Committee (director boards)

16.1 The executive committee(EC) will be the administrative organ of the Asian Savate confederation(ASC). It will have the authority to deal with and decide all the matters of the Asian Savate confederation in accordance with the constitution during the closing period of the congress.
16.2 The executive committee will be composed of nine members: president, vice president, secretary general and treasurer of ASC and five members.
16.3 The executive committee members shall be elected by the congress serving terms of four years among active countries members and will be eligible for re-election. President, Vice president, secretary general, treasurer and chairmen of some of the commissions of ASC must be elected among executive committee members. The power will be transferred during the period between the end of the election and the end of the Asian Savate championships. The newly elected executive committee shall perform its duties after the conclusion of the Asian Savate championships.
16.4 The Executive committee shall be responsible for supervising the financial affairs and actions of the Asian Savate confederation.
16.5 The President is elected by half plus one votes of EC members. He/She shall preside over the executive committee meeting. In his/her absence, the president may appoint the vice president to chair the meeting.
16.6 The executive committee meeting is valid only when half plus one of its members are present. A resolution shall be adopted with the approval of a simple majority present (half plus one vote of the members present in the meeting).
16.7 The Executive Committee members are deemed to have resigned and thus forfeit their membership if they fail to attend the executive committee meetings for two consecutive years.
16.8 The executive committee members are not permitted to shoulder any positions at any other Asian Savate organizations.(If exists)
16.9 The president presides over all activities of the Asian Savate confederation and represents it.
16.10 The president can suggest his/her vice president, secretary general, treasurer and other positions in executive committee to the members of EC. They are elected by half plus one votes of the EC members. The secretary general shall be responsible for the daily work of the ASC.
16.11 The secretariat is the working organ responsible for the daily operation of the Asian Savate confederation(ASC).

Article 17: Honorary titles

Asian Savate confederation(ASC) may award honorary titles to effective persons of Savate in Asia. for example: honorary president to the presidents who retire after serving the ASC.

Article 18: Technical committee

18.1 The technical committee shall be composed of five members: One chairman, one vice chairmen and three members. The committee members shall serve terms of four years and may be eligible for re-appointment.
18.2 The technical committee members must be holders of the international and/or Asian referring or judging certificate issued by the FISav and/or ASC. In the case of not having enough international or Asian referees or judges, the chairman of the technical committee will suggest the persons to the president for his approval.
18.3 The technical committee shall be responsible for technical matters of the Asian Savate confederation:
18.3.1 Formulating, revising and supervising the implementation of the competition rules.
18.3.2 Formulating, revising and supervising the implementation of the referees and judges management policy.
18.3.3 Examining and handling technical proposals submitted by the Asian Savate confederation members.
18.4 The technical committee meeting is valid only when over a half of its members are present. resolutions shall become effective with the approval of a simple majority. The chairman shall make the final decision in the event of a tie vote.
18.5 Recommendations and decisions made by the technical Committee are subject to the approval to the executive committee.

Article 19: Other commissions

The chairmans, the members and the duties of other commissions are defined based on the number of the member countries, suggestion of ASC president and decision of the executive committee.

Article 20: Nomination, appointment and dismission

20.1 Any active Asian Savate confederation member can nominate candidates for positions in the executive committee and other commissions. They should send the nomination letters with resume of the candidate(s) to the secretariat six months prior to the election.
20.2 The president has the right to appoint and dismiss the chairman, vice chairman and members of each of the commissions.
20.3 Nomination of any Asian candidate(s) for different positions in international Savate federation(FISav) is only possible through decision of ASC ececutive committee. Member countries should officially introduce their candidate(s) with related resume to ASC secretariat at least 6 month prior to FISav elections.
20.4 The expenses of the members of the executive committee and other committees for attending the Asian Savate confederation meetings, competitions and activities shall be covered by their nominating federations.


Chapter 5: Interpretation of the constitution

The right of interpretation of the constitution is vested in the executive committee. Any matters not covered by the constitution shall be resolved by the executive committee and reported to the next congress.

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