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Savate Technical, Coaching and Refereeing seminar was organized from 8th to 14th October 2022 in Tashkent-Uzbekistan.

More than 50 participants under supervision of Mr.Jean Pascal Santoro, technical ambassador of Asian Savate Confederation trained successfully.

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 By invitation of Uzbekistan Savate association, The first Savate technical, coaching and refereeing seminar was organized from 16th to 22th Sep 2021 by presence of Dr.HamidReza Hesaraki president of Asian Savate confederatin(ASC), member of FISav director committee and chairman of FISav savate development commission besides Mr. Seyed Mehdi Hosseini two Bronze medalist in world Savate championships 2017 and 2018, Combat.


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Uzbekistan national  championship in Savate Assaut took place in Tashkent on 22nd May 2021.

There were 325 participants from 8 regions. Representatives of Uzbekistan Tourism and Sport ministry and the Uzbekistan National Olympic committee were present, and local sponsors gave prizes to the winners.

Uzbekistan Savate Federation is very active and growing day by day. There are now more than 1000 athletes and coaches, who are keen to participate in training and events.