Savate Video Competition

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Many of us cannot leave our homes, due to government restrictions, but we want to stay fit and healthy.

Today, FISav is launching a competition for Savate coaches and athletes who would like to share their training tips with others. There WILL be prizes for the best videos submitted.


Competition Rules:

1) Content must be SAVATE, not any other sport. This means participants must wear Savate clothing (no karate gi, thai shorts or do-bok, for example) and shoes suitable for Savate training.

2) Associated disciplines, such as Canne de Combat are included.

3) Videos should be between 3 and 15 minutes in length, and suitable for sharing on a child-friendly platform, such as Facebook or Instagram.

4) By submitting your video, you give FISav the right to use it.

5) Videos must be submitted via a suitable file transfer service. Send us the original file by Dropbox or WeTransfer to this special email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6) Your email should include a brief summary of the video content (no more than 50 words). Also tell us the name of the video author and (if different) the name of the coach/athlete shown.

Competition categories:

a) Solo training in a small area, such as an apartment.

b) Solo training in a larger area, such as a garden or yard.

c) Training with another person, such as a family member, for those who can safely do so.