2017 SportAccord Combat Games, Lima, Peru

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The next SportAccord Combat Games (WCG) will be in Lima, Peru, at the end of 2017. The first plenary meeting will be held at the SportAccord Convention in Sochi, Russia, on 21st April 2015. The FISav President, Dr Julie Gabriel, and General Secretary, Mr Gerhard Scmitt will attend.

In August/September 2016, the Federation of Croatia will host the World Championships of ASSAUT and CANNE in the town of VARAZDIN. These World Championships will be qualifiers for the WCG 2017 for assaut and for the canne. In June 2017, the Federation of MADAGASCAR will host the World Championships in Combat in the capital Antananarivo. These World Championships will be qualifiers for the WCG 2017 for combat.

Thanks to the work of all at the Saint Petersburg WCG, FISav showed all the qualities of Savate: our athletes and referees/judges were impeccable. The next WCG must confirm the dynamism of FISav and open the way for our sport to gain Olympic recognition.

The success of Savate relies on the work of all. We need to plan our actions up to 2024, for the dream of Savate to become one of the major sporting bodies in the world to come true.

A working group will soon be in place for this great project. FISav must rely on the support of all its members. FISav is proud to take up this challenge, with all its members, of which you are part.