Mariko HARA, a champion for all seasons!

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We can be sure that Mariko HARA is well known enough for all Savate family not only in Asia but also in five continents, we mean all over the world!

Asian Savate Confederation


She has won 17 official medals in Assaut and combat from 2004 to 2023! It means being at the summit as a world champion in 20 years! A unique record for Japan Savate and Marico as a symbol of hard working and fair play in the sport and her personal life.




She warmly answered our questions, some personal and others general related to her professional training and activities in Savate!

-Name : Mariko HARA
- Age : 44
- Medals
-Assaut: 5 Silvers, 5 Bronzes
  -Combat : 2 Golds, 2 Silvers, 3 Bronzes

2004 Bronze
2005 Bronze(Coupe du Monde Universitaire)
2006 Silver
2008 Bronze
2010 Silver
2012 Bronze
2014 Bronze
2016 Silver
2018 Silver
2022 Silver

2007 Silver
2009 Gold
2011 Gold
2013 Bronze
2015 Bronze
2017 Bronze
2019 Silver




She said: "It has been 20 years since I started savate. My personal interest is Savate !!


Asian Savate Confederation


My everyday training is:

  • Monday: "Beginning Movement Load" Training.
  • Tuesday: Teaching savate at the university.
  • Wednesday: Training with a punching bag and in the ring.
  • Thursday: Tactical training for competitors.
  • Friday: Mass sparring
  • Saturday: "Beginning Movement Load" Training.
  • Sunday: Training with mitts and practicing combinations face-to-face with a partner.




I'm not married and single, but I enjoy doing daily cooking and cleaning chores. I like to cook meals that provide nutrients to build my body and recover from fatigue, and I also enjoy cleaning to keep my mind in a good state.




My favorite foods are: cheese, apples, and chicken breast!

I'll do my best at the World Combat Games in October 2023 and consider it a milestone.

I won't retire. I'll keep training and if I can reach an even higher level, I'll come back anytime.


Asian Savate Confederation


I'm grateful for the life that introduced me to savate. Everyone in the world of savate is kind, gentle, strong, and I take pride in them all.