Results of the first Asian open Savate championship

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The first Asian open Savate championship organised by Mr. HamidReza Hesaraki, president of Asian Savate confederation and Mr.Liu Kubota, president of japan Savate club. The championship took place in Japan-Yokohama in april 2016. As a result of visa problem for Iran team and new decision of ASC, the rest of the competitions organized in Bulgaria while Savate world open championship July 2016-Sofia.

4 Asian countries participated and around 40 fighters registered which is a good start for a first edition. We had some visa problems and that was the most difficult thing to solve.

During the competition, there was a good ambiance, no judgment contestation, 2 fighters injured in legs, and 50 Assauts done in a 2 days competition. We had in the same time a savate open which gave this championship more public and plenty of officials.



Men in less than 75 kg(Junior): Shayan Esmaeili Pouya from Iran: Gold medal



48kg: gold medal GISHI from Japan
52 kg: gold medal RUMINA from Japan
65 kg: gold medal EDGAR from Japan



60kg: gold medal: FUNAYAMA from Japan
65 kg: gold medal: Ali MATINFAR from Iran
70 kg: gold medal NOZAKI from Japan
75 kg: gold medal HASHIMOTO from Japan
80 kg: gold medal Hamed MATINFAR from Iran
-85 kg: gold medal Ali NOROUZI from Iran
+85 kg: gold medal Iman POURHAGHIGHIZADEH from Iran

ASC has special thanks to FISav and Mr.Alain Tardis, official delegation of international Savate federation.