Iranian Savate association general assembly organized

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General assembly of Iranian Savate association(I.S.A) was organized with presence of all representative members from 30 provinces of Iran and commissions chairmen on Thursday 3rd Aug 2017. 

iranian savate association انجمن ساواته ایران جلسه 1

In this meeting different issued was discussed by Dr.HamidReza Hesaraki president of I.S.A and ASC and FISav CDI member and other I.S.A officials Dr. Forouzan ZahedManesh vice president and Mr.Hamed Matinfar general secretary.

Organizing different technical seminars in gloves, refereeing and coaching in all cities, hosting national Savate championships in March 2018 in one of the capable cities and organizing provinces championships of Savate before national championship, hosting international seminar in Tehran with inviting FISav and French federation officials in January 2018, hosting Asian Savate championships in Iran and providing necessary equipment for this purpose were discussed and approved.

iranian savate association انجمن ساواته ایران جلسه 3

Other important topics related to more Savate development in Iran and Asia with cooperation of interested sponsors and scrutinizing hosting 2nd world students Savate championships were discussed, too.  

iranian savate association انجمن ساواته ایران جلسه 2

The important thing was full support of members of Iranian Savate association policy which is an essential factor for getting more achievements in our defined programs.

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