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Nowadays, nations who are more developed & successful in Sports Medicine sciences fields will be able to acquire more medals in world, international and Olympic competitions. One of the best ways to success in sports sciences is making culture & continual education of athletes & coaches which will be caused to preservation athlete’s health through using last findings.


FISav Vice-President Message

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"I am pleased to see that the new website of the Asian Savate Federation has begun.

Under the leadership of President Mr HamidReza Hesaraki, I'm sure that the Asian Federation will be very active, organizing events for people who love Savate.

I hope to see many Asian countries represented at the 1st Asian Championships in 2010, and at the General Meeting of the Asian Federation which will take place at the same time."




Dear members, Dear friends,

Asian Savate(French boxing) confederation is established with the help and support of Mr.Gilles Lu DUIGOU, the president of international federation, based on truth, honesty and cooperation of all the Asian members. The main purpose of our activities is to develope friendship through Savate.

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